My curiosity, the longing for lonely destinations and my interest in different people and cultures, my love of mountains and the fascination of deserts lead me to remote areas of our planet. Travelling always leaves a deep impact and a long lasting impression on me.


I enjoyed popular destinations as Australia, the US or South Africa but less popular countries like  Mauritania, Kenia, Oman, Iran, Kazachstan, Tadschikistan, Chile, Argentina or countries in South East Europe made an even deeper impression on me. Being on the polar sea in August 2018 surrounded by majestic icebergs was a unique experience.


Trekking tours with a heavy backpack through South America, the Himalaya in India and Nepal, the Pamir in Tadschikistan or along the Peaks of the Balkan were a big physical challenge. Being surrounded by giant mountains in untouched nature makes my happy and is always worth the effort.