As trainer I work interactively with the participants of my seminars and workshops. Each seminar or workshop is individually adjusted to the requirements and needs of the instructing organisation and the participants. My goal is not only to pass on knowledge and expertise but also to provide tips and tools for the immediate implementation in the daily business. In seminars and workshops all participants have the opportunity to actively practice what they have learned. This supports successful change processes. 


Working in groups develops the creativity and strengthens the skill to discuss topics, to keep committed and to defend own opinions. Successful cooperation creates a positive discussion and company culture. 


My topics are:

  • Conflict management, mediation
  • Communication and mediative communication
  • Change management
  • Development of leadership skill and training of leaders
  • Work-life-balance, time management
  • Negotiation skills (also specified on lease negotiations)

I am of course familiar with the 4C learning skills. In all my trainings and workshops participants have the opportunity to improve their 4C skills, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, which is essential for learning and working in the 21st century.

I look forward to receiving your request for a training or workshop for your team or organisation or a face to face meeting to talk about a collaboration.